Robert Gannon, a USA native has lived in Barcelona for nearly a decade.

He’s a dedicated and passionate teacher and trainer. Having worked with large groups of children and adults as a ski instructor for 6 years; as well as 2 years teaching martial arts, he brings a solid methodology and pedagogic experience to his classes. Robert’s proud of the fact that he is the only NSCA approved Westside Barbell Certified Special Strength Coach in Spain. He has 5 years experience as a Crossfit practitioner and 4 years as a professional trainer. Robert has in depth knowledge of lifting dynamics and Crossfit methodology with a specialized knowledge of Strength and Conditioning protocols for all sports. Apart from training and teaching Crossfit and strength training, he also has a 2-degree black belt in Bujinkan Budo Tai Jutsu and often teaches classes on traditional martial arts and self-defense.

Robert believes strongly in a holistic training approach, which means training mind, spirit and body as well as insisting on making exercise, an enjoyable and character-building endeavor.

Exercise is a natural state of human well-being and shouldn’t be seen as something that must be done to maintain a modicum of health; but rather as an essential part of being a fully realized human being which in the absence of an active life won’t truly be reaching their potential.








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